Robert Pattinson in "Breaking Dawn"
Robert Pattinson in "Breaking Dawn 2" | Foto: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP/© 2012 Summit Entertainment

05. Dez 2012

Rüdiger Sturm


Robert Pattinson: In english, please!

Der Schauspieler im englischsprachigen Interview

"The real problem are the photographers"

UNICUM Abi: Have you reflected on the journey that you have made since the first movie?
Robert Pattinson: Honestly, there is no real time to reflect. I feel as if someone had put me on a runaway train and now I am almost getting to the front to steer it.

Has the fact that you have millions of fans all over the world who get ecstatic when they see you gotten under your skin?
I feel so detached from stuff. Everything becomes this kind of silly. I see people as individuals. They probably would never ever scream when they see me. It’s the crowd mentality, it’s really bizarre. But the real problem are the photographers. Because the only news for them is when you do something dumb. Whenever photographers are around, they desperately want you to fail. Whereas the fans want you to win. And I have no problem with that.

But isn’t it scary when you have so many people going crazy abou you?
Yes, but it was most intense when the first "Twilight" trailer came out. We were in Mexico City when they were just screening the trailer, and people went mad. We were trying to get into the car afterwards, but the lock on the door was broken. So people were trying to get into the car while my manager was pushing people out of the car. And then the driver hit the wrong turn. We were suddenly going up one of the multistorey car parks, and there was a stampede of 400 people coming up behind. We had to chase our way out of the place and then came up to the gate. It was literally like the scene in "Jurassic Park" with the Raptors. And we had to pay the bill to get out, and nobody had any money, and the guard was not letting us out of the car park until we had found some coins.

But something like this has not happened anymore?
Not like this. Because people know you a bit more. When you have come out of nowhere and people don’t know what to do, it is different. They would have killed you at the beginning, because the energy was so high. That was really like The Beatles.

"I was so paranoid about it, I almost said no"

Have you found personal freedom in this kind of life?
Yeah. It’s not too hard to find it. I just started surfing the other day. I never would have thought I would be particularly interested in that. There is something about the sea. That’s why I liked it so much.

Are you now prepared for the post-"Twilight" career?
Yeah, I am now working with some young directors who really want to do something special. For example, with Stéphane Sauvaire I’ll be doing "Mission Blacklist" about the guy who found Saddam Hussein, and we’ll be shooting in Iraq.

Aren’t you a bit frigthened?
I said to myself 'if this crazy French guy has the guts to shoot in Iraq, then I am with him.' I am actually more scared when an established director wants to work with me. When David Cronenberg wanted me for the lead role in "Cosmopolis", I was like 'Why have you cast me? What have you seen?' I was so paranoid about it, I almost said no.

Has all your success not given you enough selfconfidence?
One of the most important things to have as an actor is unworthiness In any art form I like the people that hurt themselves doing it. People who have had quite a lot of success still think ‚'oh, it’s nothing to do with me.' You feel your ego get smaller and smaller and smaller the more success you have.

UNICUM Abi Filmtipp

Breaking Dawn – Bis(s) zum Ende der Nacht

Romantik/Action, USA 2012

Regie: Bill Condon

Darsteller u.a.: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke

Verleih: Concorde Filmverleih


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