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" Me and my mum went through that shit all the time!"

UNICUM: "LOL" was produced in 2010. Is it weird for you watching it now, two years later? Have you changed since then?
Miley: Yeah, I feel like I’ve definitely grown a lot. But the movie was exactly what I was going through at that time. I’m still really happy for people to see it. I just wish that it would have come out a little sooner, because I related so much to the film at that time. But I’m really proud of it.

You play Lola who is 16 years old and just going through the phase of growing up. When you were her age, you already were a star. Did you have to miss out on anything because of the fame?
I always just worked and worked and worked and that was all I knew, but I wanted to take some time to experience life and I think that "LOL" really inspired me to do that. I really got to live my life shooting that film. That was when I decided that I wanted to take a little height from working and just go back, get a house, enjoy my life and have a little bit of life to live.

Lola often ­ fights with her mother, played by Demi Moore. Did you also give your parents a hard time?
That’s exactly why I wanted to do that movie: me and my mum went through that shit all the time! Because, as you’re getting older, your parents are getting older. You want to grow up and they want to live life, too. People always forget how much your mum who’s maybe 40, has in common with you who’s maybe 16 or 17. You’re still figuring out life. I definitely related to that story with Demi because I gave my mum a hard time, just like Lola.

"We’ve grown up all together"

You said in an interview: “I am Hannah Montana. That was just me with a wig on.” Do you feel like you exposed much of your personality in that show?
Yes, that was all me. I feel like people sometimes forgot that that was me under the wig. I was not only being myself, trying to live my own life and promote my own music and my show, but also doubling as someone else. I was working literally double as a kid. But I do think that that was really me. And I’m proud of it because that’s something I obviously moved on from. I was such a different person when I did that, but I’m still very happy I did it. That was a great way to grow up. I loved every bit of it.

When the music video to "Can’t be tamed" came out, everyone was like "OMG, what happened to the cute little Hannah Montana?" "LOL" also shows another side of you. Can your old fans still relate to what you do?
You know, my fans aren’t twelve years old anymore either. We’ve grown up all together. I have fans, but I still have to be able to live my life. I’m an artist. People often think that child stars are just products and not human. But you grow and develop. That’s why my music and my films had to change, too. I don’t relate to Hannah Montana necessarily anymore. I’m going through things that teenagers and older are going through, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love those old fans. And I think a lot of my fans are happy that I experience life and now have new things to write about and new characters that I can explore, too.

In the movie, you played your first sex scene ever, together with Douglas Booth (Kyle). Was that awkward for you?
We shot it pretty modest. In the film the scene is supposed to be a bit awkward. It’s supposed to look uncomfortable. But it was pretty funny. It’s super awkward when they are like "Okay, can you put your arm here?" But we were all such close friends and it’s our job, so it was okay.

Lola’s friend Emily is crazy about her teacher Mr. Ross. Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers?
You know, movies are movies. I never had a teacher who was that hot (laughs). I probably never had a teacher who was under the age of 50 or 60, so they were never like super-hot.


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