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Selena Gomez in "Spring Breakers" | Foto: Wild Bunch Germany

04. Mär 2013

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UNICUM trifft: Selena Gomez


In English, please: Interview mit der Schauspielerin ("Die Zauberer vom Waverly Place")

"I am not a wild person"

UNICUM: You are a role model for millions of young fans. Were you concerned about taking on such a controversial part?
Selana Gomez: Obviously a little. My young fans mean everything to me. But all I can do at the end of the day is warn them. I’ve warned parents, I’ve literally said, maybe not this movie. But at the same time this is something that I wanted to do to push myself. It is a piece of art and I am super proud of it.

How about your own parents? Have you warned them, too?
My mom was the one who told me to do this movie. So she was stoked. (laughs)

You are a bit too famous to go on a spring break yourself. But would you want to, if you could?
I don’t know. I probably would never be allowed. I heard about Spring Break, I had preconceived ideas of what it would be, but honestly, never once did it cross my mind of actually going. I got to experience it through this movie and that was more than enough. I am not really a wild kind of person.

So was it hard to act stoned and as if you were on various kinds of drugs? How did you get into that frame of mind?
It helped to be in that environment of our movie and see the other actors doing it. But the hard thing were the cigarettes. I have never smoked. I didn’t even know how to hold a cigarette, I was like: What do I do?

So did you smoke for real in that movie?
The cigarettes were fake. But it was nauseating. They were made of some kind of cardboard, and it was not very good. In one scene there are tears running down me because I was disgusted. It was so gross.

You also seem disgusted in your sex scene with James Franco. How creepy was that for you?
I didn’t even know anything about that scene until a minute before I shot it. I had just finished shooting another scene where I was crying and I thought I was done for the day and could go home. But Harmony Korine, our director, told me: "I am going to take you into this room and you are going to do a scene with James." Until this point I had not been alone with James and I was like oh, okay, what do I do? But he just gave me the general idea, and James grabbed my hand, and I literally took a deep breath and I was like 'I don’t know what’s going to happen'. When we went into that scene there was a point where I just couldn’t handle it anymore, cause I was so freaked out. But we only shot that three times and got it. Afterwards James just gave me a big hug.

At the same time you were beleaguered by paparazzi during the shoot. How stressful was that experience?
It was supposed to be this indie movie in St. Petersburg, Florida, so we didn’t expect that and I think once it happened, it affected us a little. You get frustrated and mad a little bit, but other than that, we tried to not let it upset us or lose our focus what we were there for.

Do you actually feel the temptation to go to college – despite your successful career?
This is a college in a way. I get to travel to these beautiful places during my press tour, and when I am there, I take it all in, whereas a lot of people don’t even get to leave their hometown. So I am getting a different education, which I am super thankful for.

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Spring Breakers

Drama, USA 2012

Regie: Harmony Korine

Darsteller u.a.: Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, James Franco, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine

Verleih: Wild Bunch Germany


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