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04. Okt 2018



International Experience can Enhance your Business Profile


Study Business Internationally

Students who decide to study in more than one place or surrounded by people from different countries, have a competitive advantage when they enter the job market. In addition to the practical and complete business programs at EU Business School campuses, our students benefit from full cultural immersion in the city in which they study, acquiring the local language and having to move to and survive in a brand-new city and even country. This is what we refer to in-house as the EU Experience.

EU Business SchoolWhen you are choosing a school, the first thing you usually think about is your study program. In business today, in addition to a good business base, graduates need to: be aware of the latest trends in the business world and acquire specialist knowledge of a specific field. It is for this reason, that in addition to our most popular bachelor’s and master’s programs like International Business; Communications & PR; Marketing; and Finance, EU Business School also offers programs in Entrepreneurship; Digital Business; and Blockchain Management.

After you have decided which program is best for you, you generally consider schools based on location, networking possibilities and experience. Our network offers four varied and cosmopolitan locations around the world. Geneva is an international center of business, culture and creativity, located on the banks of Lake Geneva. Montreux is on the forefront of the international music scene, hosting the world’s largest annual jazz festival every July. Barcelona fosters a large community of innovative entrepreneurs and booming startups and Munich is a financial powerhouse in Germany and the home of Oktoberfest, the largest festival in the world. At EU, students can take part in intercampus exchanges based on their study programs and get the most out of their international, business education.

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